Lord of the Silver Hand
Mister Misery
Hy Brazil

Q. How long did it take you to write Mister Misery?
A. About two years on and off. I am Head of English in a large school, so I have to fit in my writing during holidays and at weekends – when I'm not marking books.

Q. Did you have the whole story planned in your head before you started writing it?
A. Not at all. With all my books, I have a very vague idea of the ending, but, generally, I just plan about four chapters ahead and then wait for more ideas to pop into my head. It's a bit like setting off into the fog.

Q. Do you have a favourite place to write?
A. Mostly on the sofa with endless cups of tea. I used to listen to music while writing, but now I prefer not to because I want to hear the rhythm of the words and the rhythm of the music can be a distraction.

Q. Do you write at your word processor?
A. Mostly not, because I like to savour the words. Also, it means that if other ideas come into my head, I can easily write them down on a scrap of paper.

Q. Have you based the character of Mister Misery on a person you know?
A. No. And it certainly isn't me! It's just a story that began as a 'What if…' which is how most books come into being.

Q. Is there a favourite kind of book you like to write?
A. I seem to have written quite a lot of fantasy and this is what I often read when I want to relax. Mister Misery is completely different from this, of course.

Q. What will your next book be about?
A. I have just finished a long adult fantasy which I think teenagers will also enjoy. It's called 'Hy Brazil' and is set partly in sixteenth century Ireland and partly in the mysterious land of faerie.

Q. What sort of music do you like?
A. I go to the opera, but I particularly love English music, Vaughan Williams and folk music especially.

Q. You mentioned morris dancing in your biographical sketch.
A. Yes. I do it throughout the summer. At first my pupils used to smile at it, then they said 'That looks difficult.' and now they want me to teach it to them.

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