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Gerald Killingworth was born quite a long time ago before even calculators and the Internet were invented and country children like himself had only an apple core and a piece of string to amuse themselves with.

One day he ran away from his little village and went to Cambridge where he studied English and then became a teacher – probably a good thing. He taught English in Greece for some years which was definitely a good thing as he acquired a taste for spinach pies and retsina and got to see a lot of interesting ruins.

Gerald has just started work on a doctorate on the Elizabethan writer Robert Greene whom few people have heard of but who is rather good. He had a long red beard which he fashioned into a point and he called Shakespeare rude names.

Gerald's interests are English folk music and song and morris dancing. He still performs these last two, so beware, you might come across him jumping around with bells on.

He also enjoys playing tennis which is perhaps why he lives in Wimbledon.

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