Hy Brazil The year is 1591 and nineteen-year old Edward Harry sails to Ireland as secretary to the famous poet Edmund Spenser. Confident of his own talents, Edward Harry expects to make his fortune as the English impose their rule on the embittered Irish. His life is literally blown off-course when an excursion in a small boat off the coast of Kinsale in County Cork leads to a landing on the fabled island of Hy Brazil, the Eleven realm. All is not well in Hy Brazil. The island is riven by a savage civil war and Edward Harry and Calvagh, his Irish companion, are drawn into the very heart of the conflict. This is a beautifully-crafted tale of strange magics and one young man's struggle to cope with an extraordinary destiny. You can read an extract from my new book here.

"A vivid, unusual and intelligent fantasy in a style reminiscent of Cloud Atlas,supporting many elements of genuine folklore in a fascinating, well characterised,historical mix. Gerald Killingworth writes about the fairyland of Hy Brazil as if he'd actually been there."
…Herbie Brennan, author of the best-selling Faerie Wars series


"From the chance-driven, incalculable Elizabethan world of Walter Raleigh and Edmund Spenser, in an Ireland promising fabulous realms beyond barely-imagined horizons, Gerald Killingworth has fashioned an engrossing fictional universe that Shakespeare would call 'fantastical' and I loved every moment of my voyage across it."
…Jonathan Keates, Hawthornden and James Tait Black Prize-winning novelist and biographer


"If you like fantasy and history, Hy Brazil will transport you to a world which is rich, strange and bewitching."
Sue Limb, author of the best-selling Jess Jordan series and Gloomsbury, a comic series for Radio 4

Mister Misery If you thought it was only children who moaned, It's not fair!' you would be very, very wrong. Adults do it all the time as well. Horace Truss had the world's most miserable childhood with the world's most miserable parents. And now he's out for revenge! But eleven year old Lucy and the 'gang' are on to him. Who will win the battle of wits and would anyone really dare to sabotage the school production of 'Alice, through the Looking Glass' in which Lucy stars? Whose side are you on in this outrageously funny story?


Lord of the Silver Hand When the Romans invaded Britain, the Celtic Gods and Goddesses didn't just disappear...they hid. But any quarrel among them still affected the human world. Two children, Caleb and Blossom, are called upon to put an end to one such quarrel before the seasons of our world are changed for ever. But their success depends on their being able to locate a Silver Hand, and a special apple. The hunt is on...but it must end before Halloween, or else...! The world of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses comes to life in this original and exciting fantasy for children aged 9-12 years old.

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